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Interpersonal Psychotherapy

IPT is a time limited therapy and normally lasts for 16 sessions. 

It focussed on depression and the current triggers the most recent episode of depression.

This type of therapy involves the client in all decision making and we shall work collaboratively throughout all sessions., enabling you to work towards recovery. 

Counselling Children & Adolescents 

This type of therapy is personalised to each individual client. Its a space in which children and young people can express themselves freely through activities or through conversation in order to understand their problems and difficulties. Children and young people are encouraged to build independence and confidence throughout therapy sessions.

Integrative Counselling 

These therapy sessions are tailored to the induvial and their presenting issues and problems they are facing. The therapy will involve the most suitable techniques from all therapies that I am experienced with such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Counselling and IPT. The session will enable clients to explore their current issues and move towards recovery at a health and comfortable pace. 

Rewind Therapy 

Rewind Therapy is specifically for those that have experienced a traumatic event which is impacting their daily life. Rewind therapy is a short term therapy that provides you with closure without disclosure. This means that the therapy does not require you to discuss the traumatic event in detail and it also minimises the risks of a person being re traumatized. This type of therapy can be integrated within other therapy sessions and therefore we shall discuss the details of this when planning therapy sessions. 

Face to face & telephone sessions available

Important Information 

I provide therapy for all ages, some of the issues you may come to therapy with are (but are not limited to):

·         Depression

·         Anxiety

·         Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 

·         Trauma

·         Eating Disorder ( diagnosed or suspected)

·         Anger

·         Postnatal Depression/Anxiety

·         Grief and Bereavement

·         Work related stress

·         Bullying

·         Family issues

·         Separation and divorce


  • If the therapy is for a child sessions can be provided during or after school hours, which ever feels most suitable. 

  • All sessions and information shared is confidential, unless it is believed that the person may cause harm to themselves or another person; or there are any other specific worries that by law we are obliged to share to relevant parties. We will always discuss circumstances with the client and inform them when a relevant third party is required; as the clients safety and understanding is paramount.

  • Any person attending therapy under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during their first session; this will be for the initial 10-15 minutes so that we can discuss any specific details prior to starting therapy. After the initial 10-15 minutes the child's parent can stay or return to collect their child at the end of the session. 

  • If you are referring another person to therapy, please make sure you have their consent to do so. Consenting and making the decision to attend therapy is necessary to the therapy process.


  • An initial free telephone consultation is optional however if you do choose to have a quick chat prior to  your first session it will allow you to get to know more about me as a therapist. It will also allow you to understand what to expect from the therapy sessions.

  • Face to face sessions are based at Craythorne Farm, Burton-upon-trent, however video call sessions and telephone sessions are also available. 

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